Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yes, I Should Be Working. Shut Up.

So yeah, I know I should be working but I'm having a real hard time giving a shit today. I'm betting I'm gonna be having these days. Plus I was sick yesterday and I hurt all over because of it so I'm not really caring that our customers can't figure their computer systems out. No, I'm not being all depressed and blah, or maybe I am. How do you tell if you're depressed? Seriously, cuz I'm actually all excited about this weekend and trying to decide what project to drag along with me and just...I don't know, having a DAMN good time with strangers. I'm actually looking forward now to the next 3 months and finding new work and having a change. Maybe I wasn't meant to have a long term job anywhere. I get too bored easily. After about 2 years in one job, I tend to get twitchy. Perhaps this was all for the best.

Anyway, off the doom and gloom. Not much going on at Casa de la Stalker these days except cleaning, and that's not exciting. We've been re-arranging the living room and y'all, some of that shit hasn't moved in 3 years. I don't dust. It shows. So everything that got moved, got cleaned and let me tell ya, you can go through a crap load of cleaning wipes in one room. Hell, I even took all of our DVD's out of their racks and wiped them down. We won't discuss how nasty that was. The worst part of moving furniture that hasn't moved in 3 years? Untouched carpet. Carpet that no longer matches the rest of the carpet. If we have company, I'll be sitting on the pretty carpet to hide it. So sad.

So, yeah I have pictures! Yay! Looook at the shiny piiiictuuures. Don't think about your duuuuuust.

Tinker seems to be real comfortable in his new home. Hubby needs a shave. Tinker doesn't care.

I was also going to have a picture of Alex in the backyard here but when I took the pic, I didn't realize he chose that exact moment to hike his leg and we don't do doggy porn here, folks. And I can't wait to see what kind of hits I get from THAT little sentence.

Can anyone tell me what these are? They grow between our house and our deck every year and bloom every Fall. They're gorgeous and I want more of them. Anyone?

My grapevines are coming back and really seem to be enjoying the chicken wire we put up to keep Bonnie and Clyde in.

Here a shot of what it looks like if you stand in my backyard and look straight up. Our pecan trees have gotten huge!

And last but not least, remember the pear tree incident? I think you do. And remember this shot of the pear tree's revenge?

Pear trees says, "HA! Screw you, fence dude! I'm glad you cut me down cuz some of my limbs had that damn tree fungus. Not now, fence bitches! Look how healthy I am!"

You go on with your bad self, Mr. Pear Tree. You just go on.


Leeny said...

Yay! Pics! Tinker is a cutie and what an adorable pic of him sleeping on your husband! Those red flowers are gorgeous. Wish I knew more in that realm but alas, I don't have much knowledge in that department. Hope another commenter can tell you, I'm curious myself!

Leeny said...

Dang, I just posted but blogger ate my comment! Hope it doesn't show twice. What I had said was yay, pics! Tinker and your husband sleeping together is such an adorable picture. And those red flowers are gorgeous but I don't know what they are. I'm curious myself.

Sarah in Eau Claire said...

*de-lurking* Um, hi!
The flowers are a type of lily, but I don't know what kind. My Dad has about 12 of those plants, though his are a light purple. I look forward every year for the lilies to bloom. Though, since I'm up in Wisconsin, they bloom in mid to late August.
As for the depression, if it was serious, you would not feel making the effort to meet people this weekend. You would also stop wanting to knit/crochet/whatever, and start to think anything you do isn't worth it and doesn't matter. And I'm not talking about your job, but about the people you love. I stopped knitting, reading, didn't want to go anywhere. It's tough, but people can get through it. (I did!)
And it really helps to have a spunky "get the f*ck out of my way I'm going to have fun even if it involves lack of oxygen and too many pix-sticks" type of additued when you are not feeling blue. This helps a lot.

Sachi said...

I'm melting from cuteness. That Tinker/hubby pic is killing me.

Cookie said...

Naked Ladies.

No... really. I swear. I have light pink ones. If they are happy, you should get babies over time, sweetie.

Oh, and I don't think you're depressed. I never clean while depressed. I think you're just fed up with stupid people and don't want to give a crap about a job that is ending soon-ish.

Love that kitty/hubby piccie!

P-la said...

The kitty and your hubby, so adorable!!! And I think the flower is an amaryllis.

Nanc said...

Ha ha - I love he pear tree's attitude! Ha! Do you get a lot of pecans from your trees?

Oh, that pic of T. & Tinker is so darn cute! They're both so tuckered out.

I don't know if it's a unique Walter thing or an orange kitten thing, but Walter has started licking Matt's face/stuble. Only when he hasn't shaved or he's with 5 o'clock shaddow. I'd love to know if Tinker starts this (after 6 months).

Christina said...

So... Aren't you supposed to be working or something?

And is this the first hubby picture you've posted? More importantly, does he know that you took it and then posted it?

Carol said...

Glad to see you pissed, nothing more dangerous than a depressed stalker. Have yourself a blast at Rhinebech. I'm the only one not going.:( Tinker is off the chain cute! I have a pic of my hub sleeping *not cute*
maybe a revenge post if he gets snarky. Don't have a clue on the flowers, but they are pretty! And what is this "dusting" thing that you speak of?

Norma said...

This is funny. Wait 'til you read my post tomorrow and you will know why. there is the dust connection, let's just put it that way. And......crapsake, apparently it's YOU who I've been reaching for my software woes, because the people I call clearly don't give a crap.

janna said...

Tinker's a real cutie! And, no, I don't think you're depressed. If depression causes cleaning -- can you come to my house????

julia said...

Oxblood lily, also called September Lily.

I love things that bloom in the fall. Hoping to see you on Saturday.

Knitting and Chocolate are better than zoloft! said...

Sounds like you are handling things wonderfully! I however am not. I'm not going to be able to come to Austin Saturday. I am not a happy camper to put it midly. I so wanted to meet all the knitters and bloggers I've been reading!! Did I mention NOT HAPPY?????

Please please PLEASE take lots of pics and have tons of fun so that you'll have another get together that I absolutely will not miss!!!

p.s. oh and drink for me too!!

Jo said...

On the other hand, I WILL be in Austin....could we call it Anti-Rhinebeck? Or perhaps, the "Other" Rhinebeck? :=)
Absolutely looking forward to it!

catsmum said...

One could go into a diabetic coma from how cute Tinker is ... have fun in Austin and take lots of photos for us poor hard done by folks on the other side of the globe who don't get to Austin or Rhinebeck or even have Kool-Aid!

Rhonda said...

I feel your pain... today I really could freakin careless about working, which is what I should be doing right now... living in Savannah means you have year round allergies.
The pear tree is a bad thing to have here... more allergies!
One thing Tinker is so so freakin cute!
Freak Knitter