Monday, October 30, 2006

Cuteness, Finished Object and Not So Cute.

Hi gang! So, shall we start with cuteness, the finished object or the not so cute? I'm afraid if I start with cuteness I may lose you for the rest of the post. The finished object I'm saving for the end because most of you won't believe I actually finished something. So I guess we head right for the not so cute. This....this used to be an orderly stash room.

I found this when I got home Friday and went to find some yarn. I think it's time for another installment of "Stupid Conversations Had At My House."

Me: Baby??

T: Yes?

Me: Why is my dining room in my stash room?

T: Cuz I moved it in there?

Me: You're an ass.

T: For moving the furniture?

Me: No..Well yes, but for giving me a stupid answer. Why did you move the furniture into my stash room?

T: Because we're ripping up the dining room carpet.

Me: Oh. Ummm...You're sister and her husband are due here next week.

T: Yeah, it's easier to rip up the carpet and claim construction than it is to try and clean the carpet.

Me: The carpet is so bad you'd rather rip it up, hoping there's a serviceable floor under it and claim construction??

T: Yes.

Me: Are we that damn messy?

T: Penny was. When was the last time you looked behind the dining room table? She destroyed it!

Me: Ummm...well....behind, huh?

T: You're so observant.

Me: Piss off, dear.

So yeah, we're ripping up the dining room carpet. I guess. It didn't happen over the weekend so I guess my next few evenings will consist of...carpet ripping. I'm doing a lot of guessing here folks.

So anyway, on to the cuteness! I cornered Saoirse in the living room and demanded a picture of her saying her presence was requested. I got this.

Cold shouldered. By my own dog. If she could have reached me to bite me, she would have, y'all. Luckily, she is lazy and I would not step closer to her. I swear vengeance upon her come Wednesday when I get home and she and Alex are back from the groomers. Hee!

Now, this is where Tinker sleeps while I play on the computer. My cat is retarded.

He sleeps on my left foot. Under my desk. Alex sleeps on my right foot. I have living slippers. This will rock in the winter time if it ever comes to Texas. Until then, I am dying with the hot feet.

Moving on past the cuteness.....move on, people. Come on, get off the pictures already. I am dangling a finished object in front of you. Yarny goodness. Wanna see?

It's a dog bone mat! For the babies' water bowl cuz they are messy drinkers. This thing is fully washable and it's acrylic. I really don't care how messed up it gets because I can whip out another one in a day or two! I used blue, green and white to match my kitchen. The pattern was found on the Crochetville forums and was designed by Andrea Wallace.

I finished something! Now I need to move chairs so I can get to my stash because I know a few people who need one of these for their furry beasties. I just need to know colors folks or I'll just make it "bone" color. Anyone want one? I like making these. E-mail me. Seriously. I wanna make you people dog bone mats. Now.

*Ahem* Sorry. Obsessive. I'll go take my meds now. Hee!


BigAlice said...

I love the rug!
Um, good luck with the ol' carpet rippings. Here's hoping there's something good underneath.

Carol said...

Hope you find a treasure of a floor! Love the dog bone! Gotta get that pattern! If the floor is icky, make some more dog bones ;)

P-la said...

Love the dog bone rug!! Too cute! Too bad there's not a fish shaped one for my messy cat! Miss you!! Hugs!!

Kristin said...

that rug is adorable! Wish I could crochet..

chris said...

Ohhhhh, that retarded kitty is So. Freakin. Cute! And BTW, all cats are retarded in one way or another . . . yours is just Left-Foot-Retarded! He has the most beeyootiful markings!

And yeah, I have to admit that I've been tempted before to do something akin to ripping up carpet instead of cleaning it for company . . .

Christina said...


Nice job on the rug! I didn't really expect to see a finished one after you showed me the pattern ;)

Daisy spent quite a bit of time on my lap in front of the computer over the weekend. She's a great warmer too!

Cookie said...

I'm so proud of you for finishing something! And jealous over the living slippers. I tried for years and never could get a cat to nap on my feet.

janna said...

Tinker is so cute! And I totally understand the urge to rip out carpet instead of clean it.....

See you in Boerne!

catsmum said...

I like p-la's idea ... yeah ... a fish shaped one. If anyone finds one, let us all know pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :]
and btw Tinker isn't showing any signs of less-cuteness. Keep the photos coming... and how do you pronounce Saoirse?

s t a c i said...

Your retarded kitten should be big enough to cover your whole foot by the time winter rolls around!

That's the cutest damn slipper I ever done seen.

erin/pinkerbell said...

adorable! now I wish we had an indoor pet so I could request one.

Nanc said...

Ha! I think that I've had similar conversations with Matty. Logic and reasoning weren't high priorities.

Tinker is muy cute and very handsome! Our Walter used to cuddle on any still bits of us (he loved sleeping on my head at night). He's stopped that foolishness, but sometimes I still miss it.

The bone mat is greatness! Yay FO! I don't know how my cats would appreciate a dog-bone shaped mat... that may offend them. Silly cats.

Leeny said...

What a great looking mat! And the furry ones are way too cute. Tinker is adorable, as usual. And yeah, my almost 20-pound kitty likes to sleep on my pillow when I'm on my side and only using the edge of the pillow. When I'm ready to turn back I have to push a fat cat out of the way!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the pattern Angie!

Petra said...

OH!! Must crochet the doggie bone mat! Thank you, thank you!
It's adorable!