Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween: The Aftermath

Ok, First rule is no scrolling down to see the pictures. Stop that! You have to read all the garbage first. And yes, this post does actually include a picture of the elusive Stalker. I said no scrolling! Cheaters. Yes, Ye Olde Stalker is short as shit and round, but not as round as that costume makes me look. Sheesh. I look like an overstuffed Holly Hobbie. Of course, this costume does contain about 1,000 yards of fabric. It was meant to be full. It was not meant to make me look full. But, I still look cute as hell. Heee. This post also contains pics of the Mary Jane shoes I made for the costume and this blog is turning into a playground for someone with a foot fetish. Yikes.

So, without further ado, here's....Wait! I have something else to show first. *Insert evil laugh here* Dear Stalkee Christina sent me a lovely gifty in the mail. I got an adorable card with a picture of the famous Daisy on it. Isn't she adorable??

On the back of the card is the story of Daisy and how her mother came to be at the shelter....Daisy is a very lucky girl. It's a sweet story with a happy ending for a very rotten pooch. :)

Inside the card was an even better gift. Christina sent me a tatted bookmark. It's beautiful and I envy her tatting abilities. Someday I get to teach her to crochet and she gets to teach me to tat. It will happen. Oh yeah, here's the bookmark in all it's, if a bit blurry, glory. I never claimed to be a photographer.

I am a lucky Stalker indeed. Now we shall get to the shoes. Luckily I wrote down what I did because the original pattern I found was obviously for people with very skinny feet. The pattern can be found here. Oh and I used an I hook instead of a K for a tighter finish. First the top view.

And then a side view of both of them. No I am not really that pale. I was still in costume. :P

I am really proud of how these turned out. And don't tell all of the die hard Knitters out there, but I really missed crocheting.

So gang, I guess that's about it. Time to wrap up....Huh? No no no you don't wanna see that silly picture of me. It's really not worth it. Imagination is so much better. Wouldn't you rather discuss butt boils? No? Fine. Here. *grumble grumble*

Next post, Fun stuff Friday. Maybe. We'll see. I'm so lazy unpredictable.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Norma said...

OMG, the shoes are fab and the costume is a HOOT! You go, girl!

carma said...

You look ADORABLE! :)

Jeanie said...

Very cute costume and LOVE the shoes! So, what exactly is the difference between tatting and crocheting? Do you know?

Stalker Angie said...

Norma and Carma, you guys are so biased. lol But thanks!

Jeanie, crochet is the process of drawing yarn through loops to create stitches using a hook. Tatting is the process of looping thread around itself to create a series of knots and loops. And that's not even an entirely apt description of either of them. It's sooo hard to explain. lol