Monday, November 14, 2005

Brought To You By The Letter F

F is for Finished objects.

I thought I'd show off a couple of objects finished before I ever started the blog and have nothing to do with afghans. Shocker, I know. One of them you can't really see and I hate trying to photograph anything black. You just can't seem to get any details. Anywho, the first object finished is a scarf I made for T. It's exceedingly long and looks just the right length on him, the tall freak. (Love ya Dear.hehe)

You cannot tell it, but this scarf is actually knit. I taught myself to knit before I ever thought of crocheting. Scary, ain't it. It's done in a simple basket weave pattern that I just fell in love with. It's the whole reason I taught myself to knit. I never knew at the time that there was so much more out there. Anyway, it's k4p4 for 4 rows, p4k4 for 4 rows the alternate. That's all folks. Then fringe away and ya have a scarf. He seems to really love it. He's had it for 3 years now. Also we have a pic of Alex, our Lhasa Apso male, modeling the scarf in such a way as to suggest that even cold, wet and miserable from having just come back inside, one can be macho in a scarf.

One cannot (so it would seem) turn to face the damn light at least once. Any attempt to turn Mr. Macho towards the light resulted in getting growled at and a slightly toothy grin. He and I need to have a talk about his place in the blogosphere. I won't have this attitude, even from a top model. It's unseemly.

Moving on, Dear Stalkee Jeanie has the cutest little bears on her site(she's also starting a Sexy Knitters Club. You guys so need to go check it out.), so I thought I'd share the one I made (The bear. Not a sexy knitter. I don't make those.). He's done in a variegated lavender thread and stands all of 2 inches tall. He has crocheted eyelids and even has little thumbs on his arms. I say it's a he because do you see that nose? Looks broken in a fight to me. I never said I could embroider. He has teeny tiny eyes and eye brows. My next one will have beaded eyes I think.

F is for Ferf*cksake!!!!

I did not have my book this weekend that I ordered. There were no crocheting of socks going on. I am slightly miffed at this. Only slightly because all of my rage is over the fact that it sat in Houston for the entire weekend. One damned hour away! One shitty hour! Arrggghhh!!!

On the plus side, according to the website, it was delivered to Casa de la Stalker at 2:18 pm, CST today. It will be on my front porch today. Hopefully, there will be sock making going on tonight and tomorrow. We'll see. Don't make me drive down there. Grrrr.

Hope you guys have a great day!


erin/pinkerbell said...

F is for one FRIGGIN" cute bear! I'd say mr. Macho is cute too, but I've been told that cute is not"masculine" I'll have to wait for the day that is brought to us by the letter H i guess. :)

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your book-less-ness. Socks are highly addictive and the sooner we get you working on some you're actually likely to finish, the better. Right?

Anyways, that bear is adorable. I want one! So, um, teach me to crochet. Or something.

And this regular posting stuff is fun.