Friday, November 18, 2005

We have socks, people!!

Ok, we have one sock. And it's not done yet. But I got pretty far in the limited time I have to do the essentials like playing with yarn. But first off, I got the book!

This book rules so far. It really does. You have to know the basics of crochet to be able to follow it, but that's ok. Cuz I just happen to know the basics. Heee! What I like is that it states up front that this book does not cover those basics. If you don't know basic stitches, they are easy enough to look up on the internet, or it's really inexpensive to get the basics books.

What I really like is it's basics I know, but I have already learned 2 new stitches and I'm just to the heel. Once you read through the first basic pattern, you get a grasp of the sock structure and how to make it work with crochet. This one is a top down sock, but there is a pattern for a toe up sock that has me really eager to get to. With a toe up sock, once you get past the heel and into the leg, it is sooooo easy to incorporate some really fun stitches. Not to mention the gorgeous crochet border that will be available to place at the top.

I see some sock design in my future. I cannot tell you how exciting and frightening that is. Exciting because I love making stuff up in crochet. There is such a variety of things you can do once you learn the basics. Frightening because I'm the one who stated on just about every blog I stalk that I did not do socks, nor would I ever do socks. Oops. Anyway, onto the sock so far.

The first is a picture of the back side of the sock to give you an idea of how the yarn is patterning out. I'm not sure I like the colorway. In other pictures, this sock yarn was all bright greens, pinks and turquoise. That's how it looks in real life. There is a butt load of oranges and browns in this yarn once you work with it. Very not me. No bother, I know who they can be a gift for and they'll be perfect for her. No, it's not a stalkee. Nobody needs to panic about finding these bright ass socks in their mailbox.

The next picture is of the short leg of the sock. Check the cuff, people. Yeah, that's crocheted. Can 't tell can ya. Oh sure, once you click on it for the bigger pic you can, but pretty damn nifty just the same. Can ya tell I am loving this sock despite the colorway?

Last, but not least, we have the heel. Yeah. Beauty. I'm ready to start the decrease now for the turn then I get to go for the foot.

Woohoo!!! Feel the excitement folks! I am hoping to have some extra time this next week during the holidays to get more crocheting done. Oh hell, who am I kidding. I wanna play with my sock.

Have a great day!!


Norma said...

You, go, Stalker! Designing in your future, eh? How fabulous. (Did I write you an email saying your pkg. is on the way? I think I did, but .....I'm getting so ollllld, Stalker Angie. Ollllld.)

Stalker Angie said...

Pffft. Norma Dear, you'll outlive us all. You're to stubborn to get old. Hehe

Christina said...

Yay sock pictures!