Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hump Day Anyone?

Happy Wednesday, my Dear Stalkees! First off, I did get the book. A sock has been started. I'm already half done with the leg. I am learning new stitches and this makes for a very happy stalker. There is much glee at Casa de la Stalker.

A request has been placed from a Dear Stalkee who shall remain nameless (See Christina? I can keep my mouth shut.) that I create a Cafe Press store of Stalkee gear. I have a poll on the sidebar to get a guage of what everyone thinks of the idea. If there is a favorable response, there will be a contest for Stalkees to submit a design. The winner would get a prize of...uumm.....well let's just see how it goes. It would be a kick ass prize, though. More info on what the submission would entail once I see how the response goes.

The poll will remain up until the 30th of November.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

C'mon sock photos!

I'm so glad you're having fun with them. And learning new stitches. You'll be a sock addict in no time. Which is good timing because of all the new sock yarn coming, right?

Stalker Angie said...

Shhhhhh! What sock yarn? hehe There is no sock yarn, you silly woman. I don't like socks remember? Sheesh.