Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is it Turkey Day yet?

So yeah. A post. Hmmm....I do have tons to post about. Yarn aquisitions, exciting family things found....but they all deserve pictures that I don't yet have. Because I'm lazy, that's why. Well it's a lot of work to lay it all out, get a picture in focus....I'm a Crocheter, not a photographer. Then when I lay it all out there are pooches in the house who think they need to get right in the middle of everything and sniff everything and get right into the photos. No, of course I don't mind posting pictures of them but this isn't a dog blog. Besides. It's Thanksgiving this week. I want a holiday. And I will pout. I will. I have one hella bottom lip you could use as an ashtray when I pout.

In all seriousness, I will spend the week taking pictures for blog fodder and I have a very heart warming story to share when we return to our regularly scheduled (stop laughing at me) blog. Besides, I have to decide what project is going to what house for each individual turkey feast (I have 3 to attend) or if I just want to pack up my 2 current WIPs and the yarn for a 3rd and decide on the project when I get there. So much to do! But then, that too is a story for a future blog post.

So Monday there will be a post, with pictures. Bring tissue if you'd like. Some of you get teary eyed at the drop of a hat, I swear. In the meantime, delurk and say hi! Go vote on the sidebar! Go get some extra cranberry sauce! You know you ran out last year. Hehe

Happy Thanksgiving, my Dear Stalkees!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty. Happy Thanksgiving Angie.