Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Short post today. Yes and no post yesterday, for those of you who are observant. Work has just been really hectic and home life has all been about working those work frustrations out on the kitchen floor, bathroom floors, carpets...But hey, clean is good, I suppose. If you're into that sort of thing.

How was your Thanksgiving? My wasn't too bad. Not my favorite holiday, but everyday can't be my favorite. I am, however looking forward to the next few weeks. I'm not decorating for Christmas this year but I am going to my annual viewing of The Nutcracker in Houston. This year we decided to go all out in finery and I found a very lovely dress. Wanna see? Yay!

I am hoping to look half as decent in it. There will be photos of me in the dress. Hopefully, this will be a smidge more flattering than the overstuffed doll outfit from Halloween. *groan* Shoes? Why of course I'll show you the shoes! I got them in yesterday and they are a perfect fit for my tiny fat feet. So elegant.....and sparkly. I will probably fall down a lot from trying to watch my feet as I walk.

I am very excited about getting to dress up. I'm even going to wear makeup and do something to my hair. Maybe. Let's not be hasty. I do need a pedicure before then, though. Ugh.

Anywho, tomorrow is the last day to vote! Check the sidebar. Throw me a vote. Let me know your thoughts. Tell me your deepest secrets. Oh. Sorry. It's that stalker thing. Hehe

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

You should go get a manicure and pedicure the day before. It's really fun once in awhile, even for someone as ungirly as me ;)

Of course I can't help thinking "she's wearing that dress in December? she's going to freeze!". You'll look very nice though. (black dress with white dogs? lint roller in the car?)

And I voted so long ago I'm not entirely sure what I voted anymore.

Anonymous said...

That dress is to die for. I LOVE it.

I hope we get to see you in it.


Elizabeth said...

Where did you get the dress from? It's gorgeous!

From a fellow stalker ;-)

Stalker Angie said...

Elizabeth, the dress was ordered from www.igigi.com and for those of you that are among the umm....thinner folks, this site is just going to depress you. The dresses are gorgeous, and I got one of the plainer ones, by far. It's all for us women that are....ummm...bountiful and ummm...oh hell, round. I like round when I visit this site. :)

Jeanie said...

You are going to look smashing! LOVE the dress! LOVE the shoes! LOVE the Nutcracker! Okay, enough already ;-)

Judy said...

Woohoo! A source for NICE-looking large-size clothes! I'm going there right now! Thanks for the info.