Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What I did on my blog vacation.

Hi, my name is Stalker Angie and I'm a Happy Hooker. *giggle* Thanks for that, Erin/Pinkerbell. Cracked me right the hell up, that did. I really do have the bestest Stalkees in the world. Supportive, unassuming, non-judgmental and funny as all get out. No, I don't know what that phrase means any more than any other Southerner, but we've always used it and are too stubborn to stop.

So, me and knitting. I guess I'm just stubborn because I really love how knit stitches turn out better than I like most crochet stitches. It's the process that isn't me. I guess I am an instant gratification person. Well, no that's not true either. Not when I took an entire year to make a bedspread for my mom. I don't know what the deal is. I'll start off fine, then I start to get tense, my stitches get tighter and then I get frustrated at how tight the knitting is and so I get more tense.....This is not a relaxing past time for me.

Now, when I made the Sophie purse, I was relaxed through the whole thing. First time color changes, working in the round for the first time, picking up stitches for the first time, and felting for the first time. Not. One. Tense. Moment. Anything else I cast on turns to shit in no time flat. So I hide it away and avoid it. I might even stick it in our front bedroom and avoid the room all together. Somewhere in my house is 4 or 5 cast on knitting projects that I need to find, rip back and save the poor yarn that's crying out to be used for a finished product.

So, when I finally come to my senses and drag my rotting corpse to where I store my crochet hooks, what's the first thing I cast on for? An afghan. I love making the damn things. I love the variety of stitches you can incorporate, the play on colors and the fact that there are no rules. You can take a finished size, chop it up into piecemeal squares and make a bunch of squares in varying size, shape, color and texture. It's just fascinating to me. You end up with something that looks very like a stain glass window, or a painting. Or you can go simpler and end up with something that belongs on the back of the sofa meant to keep you warm on chilly nights. It's something you would have found at your grandmother's house or something she might have given you as a wedding/first house gift. It's home. It's simple. *Ahem* Which is how I'm beginning to sound so we shall move on.

I'm making this afghan for my oldest brother's wife. She is an absolute sweetie but doesn't take crap from anybody. She loves pink and is one of the perkiest people I know. But she's not....froo froo. She's just good people. I honestly wish I knew her better, but they live near Sacramento, California. It's a bit of a drive for a weekend visit. So anyway, I think these colors suit her perfectly.

I need 40 squares and they will be set on a diagonal so that I have a nice funky edge that will have (dear God, no! Not the fringe!) tassels on the points. Lovely thick multi colored tassels. I am not fringing an afghan and it's tacky and when you try to snuggle, fringe tickles. Blah. Here's a close up of one of the squares. Tangy, no?

Now, during my mind's hiatus, there was some serious stash enhancing going on. More that what I already showed you. Not my fault! A yarn store opened here and I have to avoid it like the plague lest I get sucked into it's yarny goodness and come home with a super duper brown bag (already happened once) that you could tote a small child around in. If, ya know, you were into toting small children around in brown bags. Weirdos.

So what came home with me? Well some of what I already had, but I also snagged this.

Mmmmmm....Wool. This lovely stuff was going to become another Sophie bag with black and silver handles. The mind has been changed. It shall now become this. Sooo pretty. I see a black ribbon with white or silver polka dots. Or a solid silver ribbon. Or so many other fun things. Hell, maybe a pink ribbon with black polka dots. I could go wild!!

I also made the mistake of discovering No seriously, bad mistake. Do you see these?

Those are cotton yarns. I have 8 skeins of the sage green and 10 of the cobalt blue. The sage (Pakucho organic cotton) for my mom and her olive skin tone, the cobalt blue (you can read the label) for me and my pasty pale complexion. So divine. And speaking of divine, I also got the following from Elann.

I have 8 skeins of that crack yarn and it is pure alpaca, baby. Worship the softness. Write songs in it's honor and then weep when you sing them for you are unworthy to praise the softness. I really like this yarn.

And now, my dear Stalkees, it is confession time. I am afraid I have deceived you. I have done something I swore never to do. I had lost my fiber way. I...I was desperate. I needed something to fill this void I had. I know it doesn't mean much, but I was miserable the whole time. It's a fiasco.

*sigh* I cast on a sock.

This is as far as I got. Those DPNs really are torture. And here, in all it's glory, the yarn I am was using and it's evil counterpart.

And that's not even the full depth of my shame. There's more. I went on a sock yarn binge. I thought, maybe if I could make a sock I would like knitting. Here, I lay bare my soul and my stash to you.

I know you are asking what the hell I plan to do with 4 skeins of sock yarn. Never fear, Christina comes to the rescue yet again. She has found me sock patterns in crochet! A book was ordered. This book. And then she found me this pattern that just cries out to be made. I will have these socks.

Yes Virginia, there is a Yarn Diety. (Update: a Diety is a Deity for crocheters who cannot spell and/or type. Shut it. hehe)

Hope everyone has a great day!.


Anonymous said...

Oh Angie I love those squares. Those are great colors.

You know, I had no idea you could crochet socks. Now if I could only crochet. Then again, I can't knit socks either, and I've tried, really I have.


Stalker Angie said...

Hi Alyx and welcome to the blog!

I'll be over to stalk you shortly. :)

erin/pinkerbell said...

So glad I can amuse.:) I have a bit of an alpaca problem. I can't help it. it's a character flaw. *drooling over the sock yarn* i have a sock yarn problem as well. i love te squares. very pretty.

Stalker Angie said...

Erin, I just have a yarn problem. I don't even care if it's acrylic. I want every yarn in every color and combo. I want umbres and variegateds. I want novelty yarn to have around and pet. *drool*

Christina said...

I have to be honest here. I've been eyeing that crochet socks book for awhile. I'm so curious about what they'd look like finished and how they'd feel. I can't crochet though. So I had been looking for someone to try them ;)

Please post pictures when you do!

Stalker Angie said...

Of course I'll post pictures. Heck I may send you some just to say "Look what I did!" hehe

Would you like some tiny toe socks? lol

Norma said...

Oh CRAP. I was all in a lather and a tizzy and a....well, you get the idea. I was hoping you were giving away or selling or trading the sock yarn, and I was going to get dibs in on that olive-green (is it olive green, or does it just look that way in the photo?) Opal at the end. Damn.

Stalker Angie said...

Norma Dear, it is Olive green, and light olive green and what looks like cream in that picture is acually the palest olive green. It rocks. The one beside it is Opal sock yarn too. Just cuz I can't knit socks doesn't mean I don't have good taste in sock yarn. lol

Cathy said...

Oh fine. I was pretty committed to my not learning how to knit socks (in spite of Chery of Chery Knits inspiring me) but now look.

You fiend.

OTOH, I like the afghan.

I like Yarn Diety too. But then my fav joke is the one that's about the insomniac dyslaxic who lays awake at night and wonders if there is a dog. I would worry about the spelling but then, you obviously will think it's spelled just fine.

Crochet on.

Stalker Angie said...

Cathy, you can resist the siren song of knit songs! You must instead learn to crochet them with me! *evil cackle*

And I can spell, I just can't type worth a darn. My left hand likes to get ahead of my right hand and my right hand just plods along. Hey, maybe that's what's wrong with me knitting...Oh and my brain is usually about 5 words ahead of my hands. It's all very distracting.

Oh, and welcome to the blog. Hee

carma said...

See why Erin is my best friend (& a dork ;))? But through the power of the Internets I'll share :)

Seriously pretty yarn. I have a yarn problem myself. And Erin doesn't help with giving me all her "extras" ONE of these I might attempt socks (be afraid be VERY afraid... I am).


Stalker Angie said...

It's a sock revolution! I feel so influential.

"Why, if the Stalker can start a sock (even if she never intends to finish it), I can start a sock too!"

We shall all start socks! Mine will be crocheted. And of wild color combinations to sear the eyeballs. Wheee!

Ok, I'll stop now. Heh

Norma said...

I want the fricken olive/pale olive. I'm going to send my Uncle Guido to break your kneecaps and get it.

Stalker Angie said...

Is this cuz I didn't let your pin oak turn colors this fall? hehe

*runs and hides*