Monday, March 27, 2006

Gaming Does Not Make For Good Posts.

So, I spent most of this weekend gaming because I suck and I will slack at every opportunity. Plus, Guild Wars (there's a link over there -->) had a beta weekend for a new expansion that's coming out and anything new is a good thing. I also spent the weekend doing massive amounts of laundry so that all my warmer weather stuff would be clean and fresh for the upcoming (6 more days!) cruise and for some reason I seem to think it's all going with me. If it gets above 60 degrees Fahrenheit this week I am so screwed people. I am gonna sweat my ass off just to keep my laundry clean. Is this normal behavior? Which begs the question, "Normal for who?" Because, ya never know, that kinda crazy crap might just be normal for me.

I also had a conversation with Christina (link for the new folks) last Friday about making something for the trip. She came up with a lovely idea of a bolero jacket for the formal dress I am taking with me to wear. Great idea! Love the idea! I work a full time job and there is only 6 days left. Not gonna happen. She had also sent me some other ideas I liked and latched onto the headscarf like a door from the Titanic. Perhaps I shouldn't make Titanic referrences so close to sail date. Moving on! I was going to use a nice cobalt blue (this blue cotton yumminess) the do the headscarf and realized what a dumbass idea that was when everything I own for spring and is going with me is baby duck yellow, pink, sandy beige, peach......Spring colors. Cobalt blue? Not so much. Gorgeous for the black dress but not for anything else I own.

So off I ran to the stash and lo and behold I do have pink and yellow variegated sock yarn that shall be perfect for a headband on a G hook! Hooray! I started the headband and made considerable headway on it. I'll be finished for the trip. Christina suggested taking the bolero plan with me as my on board project. It is under some very serious consideration. Headscarf progress pics huh? No, I told you I suck. How soon we forget. It is, however, my own design so I may just post it if anyone is interested. My my, a Stalker original! Be afraid. :D


Christina said...


I'm so proud. You're actually crocheting. And happy about it. And want to finish it. Using up STASH even!

I thought the blue was going to be for the bolero anyways?

I can't wait to see the headscarf! It sounds pretty. You can include a new haircut photo too ;)

Imbrium said...

My happiest moments are those when I'm standing naked in the laundry room, secure in the knowledge that every single article of clothing that I own is clean.

What...doesn't everybody do that?

Waiting impat...ahem...patiently for the photos!

Sachi said...

Yay! Bolero! *claps* Can't wait to see it!