Monday, March 13, 2006

I Have Nothing.

Nothing today. There was supposed to be wonderful things today and they just aren't here. I told Christina in Guild Wars last night, I don't know what is wrong with me. It's not the whole thing with Shu Shu. I can handle that. But at the same time I'll be sitting there fine and all of a sudden I am just weepy. Tears streaming down my face for no damn reason. T asks me what's wrong and I can honestly answer that I don't know. Am I just that damn hormonal? Cuz y'all, this can't be normal. I spent all this weekend laughing, having a good time, watching movies and was fine. Last night sitting in front of the computer and all of a sudden I am weeping. Again. I wasn't thinking of anything that I know of. I think I'm going nuts.

Anywho, grand weekend of fun. Spent the weekend at Mom's house being very lazy. There was supposed to be picture taking this weekend. Didn't happen. There was supposed to be crocheting this weekend. Didn't happen. There was supposed to be other craft projects this weekend. Didn't happen. We watched movies, played games, sang songs, and talked and laughed until it hurt. The whole family has the inside jokes where all we have to say is a couple of words and we are all rolling on the floor. Yeah, it was that kinda fun.

I got the newest Harry Potter movie this weekend and with it was a sample of the Harry Potter Scene-It game. We must own this game y'all. There was yelling, and laughing and screaming answers at the top of our lungs goodness. Most of the time we were laughing too hard to yell out an answer. Rachel, my "little sister" is now convinced that she is psychic because she was guessing everything first. Personally, I think she watches the movies too much for her own good. I am not bitter. Shut up.

Also, lots of coffee. Y'all, seriously, if you like coffee, there's a brand of coffee that starts with F and ends in olger's and they make this new coffee called Cinnamon Swirl that is like sex in a ceramic mug, people. It' Also, if you add a bit of hazelnut to it (I like creamer) then oh wow your head will explode in cinnamony goodness and you won't share the coffee and there will be growling if anyone tries to get some.

Yesterday, the guys walked off to a local graveyard that had a section that's really old and overgrown. I should have grabbed the camera and gone cuz that would have been an awesome thing to do for pictures. But there was walking involved, y'all. And I really do love you guys but there was walking. That's so close to exercise it makes my butt hurt. That's a lot of hurt on me.

There was also much flirting this weekend cuz...uumm....hell, it's what I do. I love to flirt when I know it's safe and nobody is going to get all serious and get feelings hurt. So the family? Totally safe flirting. I've already dated one of the sons so everyone else is safe ground. Woohoo! Yes, I flirt with the daughters too, but that ground is so safe it's almost sacred. The only person there's no flirting with? Mom's hubby, Dan. Dan Dan the pizza man. Dan Dan used to own a pizza restaurant when he and Mom met. If I try to flirt with Dan, I get my hair yanked out of my head. So there's no line crossing there. If Dan tries to flirt, me and the rest of the kids all yell "Moooommmmm!!!" as loud as we can and then laugh at him. If I try to flirt with Dan he and the kids to the same thing to me. It rocks. They are such an awesome family.

So a wonderful weekend was had but it doesn't make the best blog fodder in the world and there's no pictures! Where are the damn pictures!! There are supposed to be hair pictures and yarn pictures and puppies and stuff. Also a secret photo project I ain't tellin about so there. Not that it matter because at this rate it will be YEARS, people, YEARS before I ever get it done to blog. So see? I have nothing to talk about. Hopefully Wednesday will be less of a boring post of nothing. Maybe at some point I will update my reading list over there and work on some actual crochet. Oh and maybe get my blog buttons that Christina made for me posted in the sidebar for stealing. I need to quit slacking and start staking stalking. Jeez.


Christina said...

Secret photo project? Hmmm. If I whine enough, will I be able to get you to share?


Imbrium said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend.

And I wouldn't worry about the weeping thing too much. It happens. Well, it happens to me anyway. And I'm not crazy. No, really! Shut up! I am not!


Norma said...

Oh, Ang, it really does sound like those frickin' hormones...or the thyroid? Goddamnit, it's hard to be a woman sometimes. I've also started taking ....ugh, this is hard to say....but cod liver oil. Icelandic stuff. I'm hoping it will make me like 18 again or something. Heh.

erin/pinkerbell said...

Carma has been touting sweet primrose oil as being very helpful. I have not had a chance to pick some up yet, but she can vouch for it.

carma said...

Oh yeah... Evening Primrose Oil baby. Not quite the be all end all of the probelmos around Casa de Carma but mix that with a little vitamin B12 & I seem to have a little more of a grasp on sanity (or at least enough to fake it some of the time).

The other day I sat in the shower crying while saying OVER AND OVER, "Stop the world I'd like to go off this ride"

Man, being a woman sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

pacalaga said...

Well, the reason it all belongs to women to deal with is that I don't know a single male who would not be reduced to a blubbering puddle of jell-o by cramps, hormones and the like. So even though it sometimes sucks to be a woman, it's gotta be better than being a guy. ;-)