Friday, March 31, 2006

Bon Voyage!

Hello my Dear Stalkees! Happy Friday and here's to a full week of blogging from yours truly. It should give you something to have fun with while I am gone for next week. Which means no posts until I get back but by golly, there'll be some posting then! I finished the headband in plenty of time to go with and that makes me a very happy camper. Here' a pic of the finished product.

This is kind of a cool pic in that it shows more about me than I usually tell. You can see my daisy chain tattoo on my right wrist in this photo and the fact that I have a wedding band and a wedding set. The wedding set on my right hand was my mom's original set. It's a small diamond in white gold that cost my folks a whopping $50 in 1965. Mom got a new set on their 25th anniversary. My wedding ring was T's grandmothers ring so I'm pretty set for family jewelry. Here's a close-up of the headband.

Yes, it's a silver streak in my hair. Yes, it's natural. No, I am not old. I got that streak when I was 18 and in the hospital. So :P

Gaile over at Fidgety Budgie had a Stash Sale. We now love Gaile for selling gold at quartz prices. I picked up a couple of things and I will pause while you muster up a surprise face.

I got 3 balls of this wonderful sage wooly goodness (Schachenmeyr Nomotto Softwool) that will most likely become Dulaan hats because y'all, seriously, this is some nice thick stuff.

She also had a large lot (10 skeins!) of what she called raspberry colored (coloured for our Canadian Stalkees) Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK and on her blog it did, indeed look raspberry. Then I got the package. Dudes. She must have some really rich raspberries in her area because I'm leaning more towards cranberry. It's gorgeous. It was going to go to my little sis in some form because she loves all thinks pink. Well, I think not, missy. Look at this color. I want to just roll around in it. I might actually have to crochet myself a cocoon out of this yarn and live in it forever and ever, amen.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hooray For Packages!

I love it when the postman brings me goodies in the mail. I get to take the Yarn Harlot on the cruise with me!

Alex says "Mommy can sneak me on as a bookend and the cruise people will never know! Who else will be such an adorable book stand?"

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Because It's Wednesday, Dammit.

That's why I am posting for the 3rd time already this week. Wednesday. Cuz you know, I stick to that whole Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule so religiously and never miss a post. So, what to do today? Ooh ooh I know! How about a picture of the headband progress? Yay! Here ya go.

The length is completed and all that's left is to join the ends and run an edge of single crochet stitches around to give it some body. The patter actually makes little X's along it. Not sure what I should call the pattern. Hugs & Kisses Headband? Caribbean Cruise Headband? What do y'all think? Here's a close up of the stitches. (Click to enlarge as always)

I'm really enjoying working on this (thanks for the idea Christina!) and it's going fast enough to hold my interest and since I am kinda making it up as I go along (not to worry, I took notes) it's not like I have to keep checking the damn instructions cuz they are all in my head. This will worry those that know me because, dudes, seriously? I have forgotten recipes of foods I have cooked before. I don't mean I have forgotten how many teaspoons of paprika it needed, I mean, I forgot I had ever made them and eaten them. Yeah. My memory doesn't exist. It's a sad life. Anyway, off to crochet more and play Guild Wars and clean and pack and possibly squeeze in a little World of Warcraft. Hell, I'm feeling spunky. I might even go kiss my husband.

P.S There's been some updating in the sidebar at Casa de la Stalker. There's the lovely buttons Christina made for me (finally) and I updated the buttons for my stalked blogs. I have a bunch to add to the list and I will get to it. Soon. Well, soon for me. :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beware The Hair!

Oh my goodness! Can it possibly be? Did Stalker Angie FINALLY post hair pictures? It's all so you need to sit for a moment? Perhaps a warm compress.....yeah, I'm being a pain in the ass on purpose. You caught me. I'm just so afraid you guys have worked yourself into such a frenzy that my hair is gonna be so....boring to you now. Should I stripe it pink first? Maybe get some spikes going? I don't know guys....I don't want you to see it and say "Damn. That was it? This is what we waited for 3 fucking weeks for?"

And yes, it's Tuesday and yes, I posted yesterday, but there will be no posting next week, my Dear Stalkees, for reason of which you all know and don't need to be dragged back up (5 more days! Hot damn!) like a smelly wart that was way cool when it fell off of your butt when you were 7. Cuz, when you're 7? Smelly butt warts are the best thing ever! Or so I'm told. I don't know personally or anything. Yeah. MOVING ON!

Look. It's me. With lots of hair even after a haircut. Enjoy.

My bathroom? Not yellow. The lighting? Not yellow. That picture up there? What the hell? No idea guys. None. Anywho! A back view! With camera on top of my head cuz I'm good like that. We won't discuss the 20 pictures I have of the towel rack next to me.

Told you my bathroom wasn't yellow. :P

Monday, March 27, 2006

Gaming Does Not Make For Good Posts.

So, I spent most of this weekend gaming because I suck and I will slack at every opportunity. Plus, Guild Wars (there's a link over there -->) had a beta weekend for a new expansion that's coming out and anything new is a good thing. I also spent the weekend doing massive amounts of laundry so that all my warmer weather stuff would be clean and fresh for the upcoming (6 more days!) cruise and for some reason I seem to think it's all going with me. If it gets above 60 degrees Fahrenheit this week I am so screwed people. I am gonna sweat my ass off just to keep my laundry clean. Is this normal behavior? Which begs the question, "Normal for who?" Because, ya never know, that kinda crazy crap might just be normal for me.

I also had a conversation with Christina (link for the new folks) last Friday about making something for the trip. She came up with a lovely idea of a bolero jacket for the formal dress I am taking with me to wear. Great idea! Love the idea! I work a full time job and there is only 6 days left. Not gonna happen. She had also sent me some other ideas I liked and latched onto the headscarf like a door from the Titanic. Perhaps I shouldn't make Titanic referrences so close to sail date. Moving on! I was going to use a nice cobalt blue (this blue cotton yumminess) the do the headscarf and realized what a dumbass idea that was when everything I own for spring and is going with me is baby duck yellow, pink, sandy beige, peach......Spring colors. Cobalt blue? Not so much. Gorgeous for the black dress but not for anything else I own.

So off I ran to the stash and lo and behold I do have pink and yellow variegated sock yarn that shall be perfect for a headband on a G hook! Hooray! I started the headband and made considerable headway on it. I'll be finished for the trip. Christina suggested taking the bolero plan with me as my on board project. It is under some very serious consideration. Headscarf progress pics huh? No, I told you I suck. How soon we forget. It is, however, my own design so I may just post it if anyone is interested. My my, a Stalker original! Be afraid. :D

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Real Live Post! About Nothing!

Lots of randomness today, Dear Stalkees. Sorry about the lack of posting, work has just been a real booger bear. We've been implementing all new processes and change is always painful. And slow. So it's still busy here, but I wanted to send you some entertainment. No, this is not it. This is so not entertaining. This first paragraph is about as enjoyable as a root canal. Let's move on, shall we?

So, it's 10 days until the cruise. I still don't have things together. I did get new batteries for the camera. I still need to get another memory card for it. Every time I think about it my brain fuzzes out and quits working. I am soooo excited! I can't wait to get back and share pictures and stuff. Hope you guys don't mind a slide show. I'll try not to drag it out into too many posts and I should probably set up a Flickr account for the majority of pictures for your perusal.

Once the cruise is over, I have plans for around the house. I need to Spring clean the front porch for it is funky dirty, my rocking chair needs a serious hosing down, the house siding needs a good scrub down,I bought a new bistro set at the end of last summer that needs to go on the front porch, but I also want to paint an "area rug" where the bistro table is going. Also, a container garden on and around the porch. And it's almost April. But damn y'all, it's cold! Well, ok, cold for us. It's supposed to get down to the 30's tonight and the high today was near 50. This is winter for us. Usually we're well into the 70's and low 80's by this time of year. Texans are walking around with the stunned looks on their faces and frowning at their sweaters like their clothing has offended the Spring gods in some way. At least the bluebonnets are out.

This is so my favorite time of year. Well, ok, I like Autumn too, but Spring holds the winning spot. Texas roads right now are blue, pink, yellow, purple and red from the wildflowers. It's a beautiful site.

This.....this is why we put up with the heat and the humidity of Summer. Ummm.....more randomness. Oh go check out this video. It needs sound but is so worth it. It rules.

Other than that, there's nothing going on folks. It feels like my life is on hold until I get back from the cruise. It's weird. There's Spring cleaning, pictures to scan in, projects to get back to, yarn dying experiments to happen and planting to be done. I'm hoping to be motivated when I get back. Ah well. Enough randomness for today. Oh, and 10 days ago was my first blogiversary. Here's hoping our next year together isn't quite as sporadic. I'm off to an amazing start!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Late Again...Or Still Late....Or Something

It's totally my fault. See, I was playing Guild Wars with plenty of time for posting and then there was this Underworld run to do and Christina went with us and well....I still had to load pictures. Christina was a good Stalkee and pestered me about my post in game. Check the comments for my last post. She poked me, people. There was POKING. Also, pestering. It's one of the things I adore about her. She keeps me on my toes. Grr.

Anywho, I know I am gonna let some folks down here because there are no hair pics here. None. None of them turned out because T sucks ass at taking pictures. It's like he doesn't even care, y'all. I told him it was for you guys and he was all "Meh. Stupid blog." So I was all "Oh no you didn't" and he was all "Shut up and make me some food, wench." Ok, I totally made that last part up but he went too far. Yeah, he is so sleeping on the couch. Meh. Stupid husband. So I do have pics, just not the awaited photos of the Great Hair Whack Job of 2006. I will get them taken. In the mirror if I have to. I have that much love for you.

Also, the last couple of days have been much better to me. Ok, that was a lie. Today was better for me. I don't know why or what happened or anything. Just..better. We'll take it though. Ooh ooh one thing that made me smile? I was coming out of the grocery store and the moon was full so I wanted a pic of it. Like a good blogger (cuz yeah, this happen ALL the time) I had my camera with me so I whipped it out in the parking lot and took a pic of the moon. See?

I liked how it turned out. So then I turned around to see if anyone was staring at the crazy lady in the parking lot taking pictures of the sky wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm blogging this." (The shirt is the clue people. Watch out when I have it on and a camera in hand.) and the sky behind me was so pretty it made me smile. So I took a picture thinking "Ooh a sky picture for Sandy who doesn't visit my blog but that's ok too." Yeah, my brain is whacked out. Anywho, a picture for Sandy!

I love this picture. A good Texas sunset. So since I don't have any hair pictures (Stop yelling at me! I'll get it!) I thought I'd show you the Stalker Stash and this way you guys can fuss at me when I get more yarn cuz y'all, I so don't need anymore yarn until I use the current stash up. It''s so sad. First off we have the shelves of finished objects, wooden beads, knitting and crocheting supplies and so forth.

That's the small section. The next 2 pictures are of just stash. Sitting there. Sad. There are 2 sweaters on the top in the second one that are to be turned into yarn and used for dying. The top tub in the first one is all thread for crocheting. There's just. So. Much.

This last photo is the really scary one. Bags...BAGS of yarn waiting for me. These are all WIPs people. Screaming my name out daily because they so want to be finished and worked on and loved again. And no, before anyone panics, the puppies do not have access to this room. These bags hold 3 afghans, Dulaan hats, a hat and scarf set for my niece in California and...hell I don't even remember what all.

Now feel free to talk amongst yourselves about my disorganization and how badly I am neglecting my WIPs. I can take it. Oh, and Christina, try not to cringe too much over any typos and grammer because you didn't get to correct me before anyone else saw it. Hugs!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Running Late

Today's REAL post will be running late today. Although for me, normally, late means 2 weeks behind, but there will be a real post with real pictures later today. But it will be today. Honest Injun. Before midnight CST a real live post. Yessiree Bob. I umm...forgot to load the pictures this morning and so umm...Running late. So...See ya later, dudes! Yeah. Go away now. Come back later. There's nothing else to read until later.


Monday, March 13, 2006

I Have Nothing.

Nothing today. There was supposed to be wonderful things today and they just aren't here. I told Christina in Guild Wars last night, I don't know what is wrong with me. It's not the whole thing with Shu Shu. I can handle that. But at the same time I'll be sitting there fine and all of a sudden I am just weepy. Tears streaming down my face for no damn reason. T asks me what's wrong and I can honestly answer that I don't know. Am I just that damn hormonal? Cuz y'all, this can't be normal. I spent all this weekend laughing, having a good time, watching movies and was fine. Last night sitting in front of the computer and all of a sudden I am weeping. Again. I wasn't thinking of anything that I know of. I think I'm going nuts.

Anywho, grand weekend of fun. Spent the weekend at Mom's house being very lazy. There was supposed to be picture taking this weekend. Didn't happen. There was supposed to be crocheting this weekend. Didn't happen. There was supposed to be other craft projects this weekend. Didn't happen. We watched movies, played games, sang songs, and talked and laughed until it hurt. The whole family has the inside jokes where all we have to say is a couple of words and we are all rolling on the floor. Yeah, it was that kinda fun.

I got the newest Harry Potter movie this weekend and with it was a sample of the Harry Potter Scene-It game. We must own this game y'all. There was yelling, and laughing and screaming answers at the top of our lungs goodness. Most of the time we were laughing too hard to yell out an answer. Rachel, my "little sister" is now convinced that she is psychic because she was guessing everything first. Personally, I think she watches the movies too much for her own good. I am not bitter. Shut up.

Also, lots of coffee. Y'all, seriously, if you like coffee, there's a brand of coffee that starts with F and ends in olger's and they make this new coffee called Cinnamon Swirl that is like sex in a ceramic mug, people. It' Also, if you add a bit of hazelnut to it (I like creamer) then oh wow your head will explode in cinnamony goodness and you won't share the coffee and there will be growling if anyone tries to get some.

Yesterday, the guys walked off to a local graveyard that had a section that's really old and overgrown. I should have grabbed the camera and gone cuz that would have been an awesome thing to do for pictures. But there was walking involved, y'all. And I really do love you guys but there was walking. That's so close to exercise it makes my butt hurt. That's a lot of hurt on me.

There was also much flirting this weekend cuz...uumm....hell, it's what I do. I love to flirt when I know it's safe and nobody is going to get all serious and get feelings hurt. So the family? Totally safe flirting. I've already dated one of the sons so everyone else is safe ground. Woohoo! Yes, I flirt with the daughters too, but that ground is so safe it's almost sacred. The only person there's no flirting with? Mom's hubby, Dan. Dan Dan the pizza man. Dan Dan used to own a pizza restaurant when he and Mom met. If I try to flirt with Dan, I get my hair yanked out of my head. So there's no line crossing there. If Dan tries to flirt, me and the rest of the kids all yell "Moooommmmm!!!" as loud as we can and then laugh at him. If I try to flirt with Dan he and the kids to the same thing to me. It rocks. They are such an awesome family.

So a wonderful weekend was had but it doesn't make the best blog fodder in the world and there's no pictures! Where are the damn pictures!! There are supposed to be hair pictures and yarn pictures and puppies and stuff. Also a secret photo project I ain't tellin about so there. Not that it matter because at this rate it will be YEARS, people, YEARS before I ever get it done to blog. So see? I have nothing to talk about. Hopefully Wednesday will be less of a boring post of nothing. Maybe at some point I will update my reading list over there and work on some actual crochet. Oh and maybe get my blog buttons that Christina made for me posted in the sidebar for stealing. I need to quit slacking and start staking stalking. Jeez.

Friday, March 10, 2006

If you want excitement, you are so very lost today.

Blah. For the past 2 weeks, blah. Without going into major TMI (sorry Christina!) my body decided after a year that I am actually female and golly something doesn't belong and let's get rid of it all right fucking now yay! All I know is it had better be done by April 2nd. Or there will be face biting. So yeah, there hasn't been any posting because I knew it would turn into a rant about how much I hate when my body does this and how weepy I get because it's gross and it's proof that I am still not pregnant and blah. Blah. Blah. I also get angry. Weepy + angry does not make for good posting. It makes for this sort of shit I am typing now. Nothing. Argh!

Anywho, to try and get over my late in life teen angst, I went and got a haircut. It's what we do. When we get pissy, we get nails done or a pedicure or buy nice soft yarn that makes us purr. Yesterday, my hair was almost to my butt. Today it is just past my shoulders. I got 7 inches cut off. (Oh hell what kind of hits am I going to get now for typing 7 inches on my blog) I love my hair now. It's actually a little sexy and it makes me look thinner. T LOVES the hair, even though he prefers longer hair on women. I'm not sure what it says about me that a haircut changed my attitude as much as it did. It's such a girly reaction. I'm so not girly. Don't get me wrong, I'm still bitchy. I'm just bitchy while swinging my new haircut around.

I'm working on something special for Monday, my one year Blogiversary is coming up, my cruise is coming up (eek! so much to do!) and my birthday is coming up. Y'all, I'm gonna be 34 here in a bit. That sucks ass. In the meantime....

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